Суханов Дископлан-1
Страна: Россия
Год: 1950
Единственный экземпляр
Recently near Moscow there appeared at the height of about 4,000 ft. a strange, fast-moving object. To many it looked like the mysterious flying saucer beloved by the space fiction writer, but to the initiated it was the Diskoplan experimental single-seat circular wing glider. This photograph, the first to be published in the Western world of the Diskoplan, shows the glider to have a curious tail-plane-fin arrangement. It has normal controls of the trailing edge oj the wing and, one would guess, a fuselage boom which supports the wing. The Diskoplan is said to be extremely docile in flight and almost impossible to spin. A power version of the machine is to be built and will be powered by a light jet engine.