LIPNUR NU-25 Kunang / NU-35
Страна: Индонезия
Год: 1958

Single-seat light monoplane
The NU-25 Kunang ultralight monoplane, which, like the Belalang, commenced flight testing in 1958.
Designed as an economical single-seat ultra-light training aircraft for pilots of very limited experience, the NU-25 Kunang first flew circa 1957-58, and was roughly equivalent to the Druine Turbulent in terms of size and performance. The same aircraft, “04”, was later fitted with a 35 h.p.engine and an enclosed cockpit with canopy.
The NU-35 (Super Kunang Model 35) single-seat lightplane, the developed version of the Kunang with uprated engine (36 hp Volkswagen) and design refinements
The tapered wings and swept fin of the NU-25 Kunang were replaced in stages on the NU-35 Super Kunang, probably built using the same airframe, initially with a constant-chord wing of 25 per cent greater area and later an unswept fin, as seen here. An uprated 35 h.p. Volkswagen engine was also fitted.
Super Kunang Model 35 in its latest form with unswept tail surfaces
Super Kunang Model 65 two-seat light aircraft