Dayton-Wright KT Cabin Cruiser
Страна: США
Год: 1920

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Flight, April 1920

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Dayton-Wright K. T. Cabin Cruiser (USA)
  By February 1919 Dayton-Wright had completed a very large number of Standard J 1 trainers and DH-4s. The post-war K.T. was a civil modification of the DH-4 with enclosed seating for three persons.

Flight, April 1920


  Dayton-Wright. - The K-T model bears a strong resemblance to the D.H. plus a built-up cabin. It is purely a commercial machine, intended for either passenger or freight carrying, the passenger seats being removable. Two passengers are carried in addition to the pilot, all three being enclosed by a well-windowed cabin giving a good range of vision. A Liberty twelve 420 h.p. engine is installed.

The specifications is :-
Overall span 43 ft. 7 1/2 ins.
Overall length 30 ft. 1 9/16 ins.
Overall height 11 ft. 2 1/2 ins.
Chord 5 ft. 6 ins.
Stagger 11 3/4 ins.
Wing section R.A.F. 15
Area of main planes 441 sq. ft.
Gross weight 4,128 lbs.
Useful load 1,442 lbs.
Loading/h.p. 9-82 lbs.
Loading/sq. ft. 9-3 lbs.
Maximum speed 120 m.p.h.
Minimum speed 55 m.p.h.
Range (cruising) 6 hours
Fuel capacity 128 gallons
Oil capacity 13 1/2 gallons
Engine Liberty 12, 420 h.p.
At the New York Aero Show: The Dayton-Wright K-T Cabin Cruiser.