Tellier Tellier-200
Страна: Франция
Год: 1916
Летающая лодка

THE MONACO SEAPLANE MEETING: A view of the Sunbeam-engined Tellier-Nieuport flying boat at her moorings
THE MONACO SEAPLANE MEETING: At Monaco: Two French flying boats. That nearest the camera is the Tellier-Hispano of the Toulon squadron, which was to make the Monaco-Tunis-Monaco hors de concours. The other machine is the Sunbeam-engined Tellier-Nieuport flying boat which M. Sadl Lecointe entered to fly in the Monaco-Tunis-Monaco flight.
TWO VIEWS OF THE TELLIER-NIEUPORT-SUNBEAM BOAT PILOTED BY M. LECOINTE : The photo, on the right shows the machine coming in after passing its altitude test
THE MONACO SEAPLANE MEETING: The Sunbeam engine fitted in the Tellier-Nieuport.
The Tellier-Hispano boat, piloted by Hurel, which is taking part in the flight to Tunis. This machine has two Hispano engines, one driving a tractor and one a pusher. In other respects it is similar to Lecointe's machine