Vejayanrangsrit Boripatra
Страна: Таиланд
Год: 1927

Paribat No 2 just after landing. Note the flag-carrying marshallers.
Two Siamese Air Force Paribat general-purpose biplanes. The Paribat was a Siamese design; the example in the foreground, bearing the Thai number 2 on its tail, was powered by a nine-cylinder Bristol Jupiter radial engine. The Paribat in the background is believed to be fitted with a BMW VI or VII 12-cylinder vee engine.
Three Paribats flew to India in 1930 in return for an RAF goodwill visit from India to Siam. On the way back to Don Muang one of the Paribats crashed in the jungle somewhere near the border between Siam and Burma. The other two, Nos 2 and 4, returned to the rapturous reception shown in these photos.
The arrival of the BMW-powered Paribat, bearing the Siamese number 4 on its fin.