Emsco B-2 Challenger
Страна: США
Год: 1929

Flight, January 1930

Flight, January 1930

A Recent American Air Transport Plane

  WE show in the accompanying illustration a recent American commercial monoplane, known as the "Emsco Challenger," produced by the Emsco Aircraft Corporation, of Downey, California. It is an eight-place cabin high-wing monoplane fitted with three 170 h.p. Curtiss "Challenger" engines.
  The wings, of wood construction fabric covered, are mounted on top of the fuselage, and braced to the bottom longerons of the latter by two pairs of struts with aerofoil-section fairings. The wings are of fairly thick section and have long narrow ailerons inset in the trailing edge.
  The tail surfaces are of steel tube construction covered with fabric, and both rudder and elevators are balanced.
  Steel tube is employed in the construction of the fuselage, which is actually of rectangular cross-section, but is faired to an oval section externally and covered with fabric. The pilot's cockpit is located high up at the leading edge of the wings and is completely enclosed by a windscreen-hood. Behind is the passengers' cabin, in the fuselage, which is provided with side windows. Access to and from the cabin is by way of a door in the side of the fuselage.
  One of the three Curtiss "Challenger" engines is mounted in the nose of the fuselage, the other two being located on each side of the latter, carried by steel tube mountings beneath the wings and attached to the front wing struts. The "Challenger" engines, it may be added, are of the six-cylinder air-cooled radial type.
  The undercarriage, which is of distinctive design, is of the divided type, consisting of two V's hinged to the fuselage, and each carrying a single wheel with an "Aerol" oleo strut attached below the wing engine mounting. Each wheel is fitted with Bendix brakes, and is enclosed in streamline "mudguards."
  The principal characteristics of the "Emsco Challenger" are as follow :- Span, 57 ft.; overall length, 36 ft.; wing area, 483 sq. ft.; weight empty, 3,362 lbs.; weight laden, 5.400 lbs.; pay load, 1,190 lbs.; weight per h.p., 10-6 lbs.; weight per sq. ft., 11-2 lbs.; speed, 130 m.p.h.(max.) 100 m.p.h. (cruising); cruising range, 500 miles.
THE "EMSCO CHALLENGER": A New American Three-engined eight-seater commercial monoplane, fitted with 170 h.p. Curtiss "Challenger" engines