Avro Avian Monoplane / Type 625
Avro - Avian Monoplane / Type 625 - 1930 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1930

Серия 625 Avian Monoplane: два низкоплана с расчалочным крылом и шасси в обтекателях
The "Avian Monoplane" with "Genet Major" engine has been designed as a sports version of the standard "Avian." Note the very beautiful lines.
THIS is an entirely new type, which will make its first public appearance in the King's Cup Race. The very beautiful lines of the machine should be noted. The "Avian Monoplane" is produced in two versions, one with Armstrong-Siddeley "Genet Major" engine and one with Cirrus-Hermes. This photograph shows the "Genet-Major" type.
The Avian Monoplane (Genet Engine) starting.
THIS is the Cirrus-Hermes engined version,
Lt Caspar John's Avro Monoplane G-AAYW averaged 128 m.p.h. for the race and was placed 14th.
MEMBERS OF THE AVRO FAMILY: Beginning with the machine in the foreground, the types lined up are: The "Avian Monoplane," the "Avian" biplane, the "Avro Trainer," the Avro Five and the Avro Six.
The machine park at Mousehold with the Avro Monoplane in the foreground.
Captain Stack's "Avian Monoplane" (Hermes), No. 69, had wing roots faired into fuselage, well-creased Oxford bags and very small wheels. The windscreen was reduced to a minimum. (119-72 m.p.h.)