Hordern-Richmond Autoplane
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1936

Единственный экземпляр
A two-three-seater twin-engined monoplane of intriguing design: the new Heston monoplane with two Continental A 40 engines.
The Hordern-Richmond Autoplane, G-AEOG, was built at Heston in 1936 by the Heston Aircraft Co Ltd. A three-seater powered by two 40 h.p. Continental A40s, it was scrapped during the war.
The new Hordern-Richmond "Autoplane" over Goodwood House, residence of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon.
The Hordern-Richmond Autoplane, which is expected shortly to be put into production
The Hordern-Richmond monoplane photographed from an unusual angle with the "one-man" folding wings in the "garage" position. Production awaits the appearance of a suitable power unit.
STILL NEARER: With a general layout similar to that suggested on more than one occasion by "Indicator," the new Heston twin-engined lightweight was first illustrated in Flight of November 12. Here, on the left, is a view of the cabin and the luggage "hold." On the right is Mr. Hordern (left) with the Duke of Richmond and Gordon; they are the conspirators in this delightful plot.