Air International 2013-03
C.Kjelgaard - 787. Dream or Nightmare? /Commercial/
Dreamliners parked-up at Boeing's Everett production plant.
Boeing had performed two test flights with 787 N787FT (ZA005, c/n 40694) by February 14, 2013 to gather data for analysis by the company, the NTSB and the FAA.
A Japan Airlines' Boeing 787.
An NTSB investigator inspects fire damage in the aft electronics bay of Japan Airlines Boeing 787 JA829J.
Возгорание в заднем отсеке 787-го авиакомпании JAL
Firefighters deal with a fire onboard Boeing 787 JA829J (c/n 34829) at Boston-Logan international airport on January 7, 2013. The fire occurred just 18 days after the aircraft's delivery to Japan Airlines.