Air International 2019-03
P.Butowski - Anti-carrier striker /Military/
Tu-22MS 98-04 loaded with two Kh-32M test articles.
Tu-22Ms under repair and upgrade at the Kazan plant.
A Russian Air Force Tu-22M3 loaded with a single Kh-22 missile photographed by a Kongelige Norske Luftforsvaret F-16 during a standard interception in 2014.
The tail configuration of a Tu-22M3 showing the gun turret and electronic warfare sensors.
A pair of Russian Air Force Tu-22M3s in a slick configuration.
Russia's air campaign in Syria is not the first for the Tu-22 Backfire. The 124-tonne bomber was also used in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Georgia.
Front and aft cockpits of a Tu-22M3 cockpit.