Air International 2019-09
M.Broadbent - Dreamliner 10 /Commercial/
The Boeing 787-10 features a semi-levered landing gear that means the pivot point around which the aircraft rotates on take-off is different from the other Dreamliners.
The Boeing 787-10, the third and largest Dreamliner variant, was launched in 2013, completed its first flight in 2017 and entered service in 2018.
Orders for Boeing 787-10s have been sluggish, although the backlog still contains large commitments from carriers such as Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways.
Boeing has sold fewer than 200 examples of the 787-10 since launching the variant six years ago.
KLM's first 787-10 PH-BKA (c/n 42485) arrives in Amsterdam in June 2019.
Air New Zealand has ordered eight 787-10s to replace its 777-200ERS.
EVA Air is another operator to recently take delivery of the 787-10.
Commonality between the larger 787-10 and its Dreamliner stablemates is a key selling point of the aircraft. Korean, which has recently ordered 787-10s, also uses 787-9s.
The 787-10's flight deck is dominated by large-format LCD screens. This is the cockpit of a United Airlines aircraft.