Air International 2016-02
A.Mladenov - Ansat /Commercial/
These production-standard Ansats sport the corporate livery of Russian Helicopters and are used as flying demonstrators of the HEMS and passenger transport versions.
This is one of the five Ansats built for the Korean Forest Service, the Ansat’s launch customer.
Russia’s Federal Security Service is among the few customers of the fly-by-wire Ansat, operating two machines outfitted for passenger transport.
The Ansat-U's nose with the fairing open to allow access to the avionics boxes for daily inspection and maintenance. All RuASF Ansat-Us are built in a simple configuration without a weather radar.
The Ansat-U military derivative has a wheeled undercarriage to train Russian Air and Space Force pilots destined for the Mi-8, Mi-24 and Ka-50, which are all equipped with a tricycle undercarriage.
The civil-certified Ansat’s cockpit is dominated by two displays for system data, with the flight/navigation information displayed on conventional instruments.
The helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) Ansat certified in May 2015 has interior with one or two stretchers and a full set of life-support equipment.