Air International 2016-02
S.Dworkin - Vicking Sundown /Military/
Bloodhound 700 over the Channel Islands off of the coast of California.
The very last US Navy S-3 crew from left to right: Lt Mowle, Lt Cdr Tschanz, Capt Rousseau and Cdr Hanaki.
Bloodhound 700 close to the photo ship off of the California Coast during the S-3B Viking's final flight.
Lt Cdr Ansley signs S-3B BuNo 160147/700 after handing over the jet to the AMARG.
After signing the aircraft out of US Navy possession the crew receives a receipt.
A two-ship makes one final break before returning to Point Mugu.
The crew of Bloodhound 700 at Davis-Monthan after the delivery flight to AMARG from left to right; Lt Cdr Ansley, Cdr Mittag, Lt Melnick and Lt Cdr Welsh.
Capt Rousseau bids onlookers a final wave goodbye as Bloodhound 702 departs for the NASA Glenn Research Facility.