Air International 2017-01
R.Niccoli - Italian Special Ops /Military/
Six UH-90As, one of which is seen on the range at Monte Romano near Viterbo, will be assigned to 3° REOS.
The second Aviazone dell'Esercito ICH-47F MM.81779/E.I.702 over Lake Maggiore, northern Italy, before delivery. Clearly visible are the three chaff and flare dispensers on the rear part of port side, part of the SIAP seLf-defence suite.
An ICH-47F taxiing at Viterbo, with a CH-47C taking off behind. Clearly visible under the Foxtrot’s nose are the new Selex ES LOAM system, a FLIR sensor, and a high-intensity searchlight.
A CH-47C embarking soft boats before a soft boat release mission.
A CH-47C from 3° REOS con­ducting a soft boat release mission with the 185° Reggimento Artiglieria Paracadutisti during marginal weather conditions in the Thyrrenean Sea.
The ICH-47F’s advanced glass cockpit is dominated by five colour multifunction displays.
The cargo cabin of the ICH-47F is similar to the older CH-47C, but features simpler hooking systems.
Personnel from the 185° Reggimento Artiglieria Paracadutisti undertaking a FRIES training mission in Tuscany from a 3° REOS HH-412.