Air International 2019-12
R.Niccoli - Italy's international flight school /Military/
An Aeronautics Militaire T-346A assigned to 212° Gruppo immediately prior to a training mission from Lecce Air Base in March 2015, when the type was undergoing its service introduction phase. At the time, this aircraft was brand new evidenced by a lack of a code usually applied to the forward fuselage.
The M-345 prototype in formation with an M-346 over Lake Como; two complementary jet trainer aircraft which can be used for all phases of flight training, from initial all the way through lead in fighter training.
A T-346A taxies from the 212 Gruppo flight line at Lecce-Galatina Air Base.
Simulator based training is part of the M-346 integrated training system. Featuring touch screens, and with very low operating costs, the system can be used by the students to gain familiarisation with the HOTAS switches and systems which all function exactly like an M-346 aircraft.
Landing at Venegono in January 2019, M-345HET trainer CPX.624 is the pre-series aircraft, that flew for the first time on December 21, 2018.
This particular M-345 prototype, CPX-619, has now been grounded, and all current test activity is carried out with CPX-624, which is a Leonardo-owned aircraft.