Air International 2019-12
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Russkiye Vityazi Su-35S 50 blue at Komsomolsk-on-Amur in November 2019 before its delivery to Kubinka Air Base.
This Su-35S, RF-81719 (52 red) is the type recently presented to Turkish officials at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul.
The most recent SSJ100 Superjet delivered was to Azimuth airline in October 2019 involving aircraft RA-89120 (msn 95174).
The first production-series Su-57 Felon, 51001 (01 blue) on the production line at Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
Two F-4EJ Phantoms take off from Hyakuri Air Base.
Phantoms forever!
A mock-up of the CRAIC CR929 airliner.
A mock-up of the AHL helicopter.
Artist impressions of the FAARA competitor by AUX/L3 Harris.
Artist impressions of the future Russian LMS lightweight multipurpose aircraft.
Проект вертолета Модель 360 «Инвиктус»
Bell boasts that its offering for the FARA-CP programme - the 360 Invictus - follows a streamlined design in order to reduce drag at high speed.