Air International 2020-02
M.Broadbent - New Dawn for the Dash /Commercial/
WestJet Encore is one of several customers to have opted for a dual-class configuration with both business and economy seats.
The Thai low-cost airline NokAir was the first customer for the 86-seat option, one of several new interior arrangements introduced to the Dash 8 in recent years.
Ethiopian is one of several Dash 8-400 operators in Africa.
Turboprop manufacturers like to offer flexibility for operators; here is the rear Cargo Combi interior on the Ryukyu Air Commuter Dash 8 Q400.
Operators can pick from a range of cabin layouts, from an all-economy arrangement to dual-class, extra-capacity and combi.
The manufacturer predicts demand for up to 3,000 new turboprops over the next 20 years.
De Havilland Aircraft of Canada took over the Dash 8 turboprop programme in 2019, reviving the famous brand name.
Linking remote regions with larger hubs is an ideal niche for turboprops, with speed, range and economics key selling points.