Aeroplane Monthly 1974-07
L.Bachelor - The Spitfire floatplanes
Spitfire VB EP751 or EP754. Note retention of original fin shape but with additional under-fin.
Another picture of W3760 taken at MAEE Helensburgh during sea trials.
The first prototype Spitfire Mk VB floatplane conversion, EP751, pictured at Folland Aircraft’s Hamble works after modification. The aircraft still retains the original fin and rudder; a four-bladed propeller was fitted.
The first Spitfire floatplane to fly, although not the first built, was this Mk.Vb, W3760. The floats of this aircraft were designed by Supermarine and built by Folland. Built at Southampton in July 1941, the aircraft was ready for trials in September 1942.