Aeroplane Monthly 1974-07
B.Gunston - SR.53 and SR.177. The Saunders-Roe jet/rocket interceptors
XD145 takes off at Boscombe Down for its second flight on May 27, 1957, shadowed by a Gloster Meteor chase plane.
The first prototype SR.53 moving at high speed during its second flight.
SR.53, XD145 performing at the SBAC Show at Farnborough 1957.
XD145 photographed by Flight during Farnborough week, September 1957.
XD145 taking off and landing on its second flight
XD145 landing after the maiden flight.
XD145 photographed during its second test flight on May 27, 1957.
The first prototype SR.53 undergoing flow tests with 10° nose-up attitude.
Ground running the Spectre engine on December 17, 1958.
The second SR.53, XD151, undergoing fuel flow tests at Boscombe Down. It first flew on December 5, 1957.
The revised cockpit of the SR.53 as it was in September 1958.
Saunders-Roe SR.53
Above, models of the SR.177 in British and, inset, German markings.
Самолет SR.177 был дальнейшим развитием SR.53. К моменту закрытия программы был построен натурный макет, и началась постройка прототипа.
The full-size wooden mock-up of the SR.177 at Cowes, November 1957.