Air International 1994-10
E.Sloot - Hansa Jet Retirement
HFB-320(M)s 16+21 and 16+26 of 323 Staffel during one of the type's last flights over Bavaria.
Fin detail of 16+21. The black crow holding the JaBoG-32's badge is part of the squadron's 323 Staffel insignia.
HFB-320(M) Hansa Jet
To mark the occasion of the HFB-320(M)’s last flight with JaBoG-32, 16+21 was painted in a commemorative colour scheme, the blue/white fuselage and the chequered fin representing the colours of the Bavarian flag with black/red/yellow wing surfaces. It is pictured here taxiing out for its last flight on June 24, 1994 from Lechfeld.
Detail of 16+26's fin. showing JaBoG-32's toned-down badge, the VORTAC/LOC(ILS) antenna just under the badge and the pitot tube mounted on the fin tip fairing.
HFB-320(M) 16+28 was one of the aircraft in the three-ship formation on June 24, 1994 and is pictured on the 323 Staffel ramp. This aircraft was the last HFB-320(M) delivered to the (then West) German Air Force, and did not arrive with 323 Staffel until April 1982.
Distinctive nose radome containing the radar and ECM antennae.
Detail of the antenna fairing underneath the centre fuselage. This fairing is located slightly left of the centreline, just aft of the main wheel well and houses ECM antennae.