Air International 1994-10
D.Vlad - Uncle Sam's Baksheesh
Repainted in its original colours after nearly 50 years, Ju-88D-1 430650 is pictured in the Rare Foreign Aircraft section at the USAF Museum, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. The original ‘105’ was in fact a Ju-88A-4 which was still flying with the Romanian Air Force in August 1944.
Nose detail, illustrating the glazed nose, ventral cupola (both of which have optically flat panels) and 1,059kW Junkers Jumo 211J radial engines.
Ju-88D-1 430650 photographed in September 1961 at Wright Field, whilst it was exhibited in the markings adopted for foreign aircraft under evaluation (Foreign Evaluation) FE-1598. Note that the code letters are carried on the fin and beneath the starboard wing.
Prior to receiving its present markings in the mid 1980s, 430650 was exhibited at Wright Field with the fuselage code letters of the Luftwaffe reconnaissance unit Aufklarungsgruppe 122.
Ju-88D-1 430650 in USAAF markings on its arrival at Wright Field in October 1943. The American flag (non standard for USAAF aircraft) may be seen painted on the fin. They were also painted on the undersides of the wings and a gold band was painted on the fuselage, immediately aft of the wings.
Rare photograph of a pair of Romanian Air Force Ju-88s, 105A and 116B, in flight.