Air International 2020-10
H.-P.Grolleau - Tha faux foe. French aggressors
Over the past few years, SDTS assets have been engaged in various NATO exercises, including the Tiger Meet
The Skyhawks has been incredibly successful for SDTS operations
The Skyhawk cockpit is very tight, as shown on this photo. Here, 'Manti' Delin focuses on his instruments as he signals the engineers to force air from the external jet air starter trolley to start the engine
When seen from head on, the Skyhawk cannot hide its naval origins: its long undercarriage legs betray its carrier use
In France like in many other countries, contracted Red Air assets are becoming more and more popular. SDTS is ready to expand its customer base in France and further afield
This SDTS/Draken A-4N Skyhawk breaks away from the camera. SDTS assets perform highly realistic threat simulation missions against Rafale fighters and surface combatants
All SDTS aircrews are very experienced aviators. They are carefully selected by the company to ensure that operations can be carried out safely and to provide the best threat simulation tactics to the customer
A CAE Merlin and a Skyhawk share the ramp at Nimes. SDTS assets can perform a vast array of roles, from slow movers to more aggressive fast jet and missile simulation
Two Skyhawks and a MB339 are photographed from another 'Macchi' during a transit early in the morning
The MB339's dark camouflage inherited from RNZAF service proves incredibly efficient over the sea. In SDTS service, the 'Macchi' has proved ideal for the Red Air missions against surface combatants and even against Rafales performing basic beyond-visual-range tactics
The Skyhawk has proved highly popular with contractors for the Red Air mission. The A-4N's extended tail pipe can clearly be seen on this shot