Aeroplane Monthly 1977-12
P.Jarrett - A brevet before breakfast
With the Gnome engine spinning round behind them, Robert Barnwell, wearing wellingtons, leans over Billing's left shoulder to give him a pre take-off briefing.
Billing flies his Farman biplane over the Brooklands race-track banking in the early morning of September 17, 1913. Below the aircraft is the booking office for joy-rides, and the famous Blue Bird restaurant is on the extreme right.
Billing waits while his wife (profile) and another woman prepare some refreshment. Barnwell, cap reversed in the best aviator's fashion, stands on the right.
This shot of Barnwell up behind Billing was probably posed later in the morning, as Barnwell is wearing ordinary shoes.
Louis Paulhan flying his Farman biplane during the Blackpool Flying Meeting in October 1909
Handley Page's Type E monoplane being flown Hendon by E. R. White house in May 1913. Its yellow-varnished wings earned it the nickname Yellow Peril, then applied to Gold Flake cigarettes.
The Handley Page monoplane (50 h.p. Gnome) which was automatically stable.