Air International 2020-12
Y.Ruas - Last of the First
This dramatic shot shows F-16 number 307 of 117 Squadron taking off from its base on another sortie. Given its proximity to the Syrian and Lebanese borders, the Squadron is on constant alert
The F-35 may be coming, but the reliable and ‘battle-hardened’ F-16 will always have a place in Israeli hearts
The 117 periodically supplied ‘Blue Air’ for various large-scale exercises in Israel. Here a 'fully-fuel-tanked’ F-16 from 117 Sqn is pictured with a 'Red Air' F-16C from the Flying Dragons Squadron (115)
Fully-armed, F-16 number 340 climbs on afterburner, while celebrating its shooting down of a Hezbollah UAS
The 117's tail livery originally had a lightning bolt, as can be seen on the rear aircraft. This compares with the current scheme, which applied until the squadron's closure