Air International 2020-12
J.Matos - Unleash the Lynx
Portuguese marines exit a Lynx Mk 95 helicopter during Exercise Seaborder 2013
Preparing to land on a navy ship in the Tejo river
NRP ‘Corte-Real’ (F332), a Meko 200 frigate of the Portuguese Navy, with a Lynx onboard
On the flight deck of the Spanish Navy’s 'Juan Carlos I' during Contex-Phibex 15, a Portuguese maritime exercise
A Portuguese Navy Lynx Mk 95 helicopter during a MEDVAC operation
A soldier of Portugal’s Special Action Detachment, an elite navy force, sets his sights on a vessel suspected of carrying drugs, while a navy Lynx watches over in the background
Portugal’s five Naval Helicopter Force Super Lynx Mk 95s are currently being upgraded. Among the work is the integration of new avionics