Air International 2021-05
M.Broadbent - The wait goes on
The third flight-test Boeing 777-9 N779XY, in the company's 'light' test livery, departs Everett on its first flight in August 2020.
There is capacity to carry 46 LD-3 containers in the 777X's belly hold
Boeing first flew the 777X in January 2020
Four 777-9s are involved in flight and certification test work
Assembly underway at Everett
The Boeing 777X will emerge into a world very different to that in which it was conceived
Folding wing tips optimise in-flight efficiency and gate compatibility
The 777X will enable operators such as Lufthansa to introduce new premium cabin products, including direct access to aisles from each seat
British Airways became the first airline to place an order for the 777X for nearly two years in February 2019, with an initial 18 examples.
British Airways has ordered up to 36 Boeing 777-9s, its February 2019 order the first for the 777X in two years.
Long-time Boeing 777 operator British Airways has signed an agreement for up to 42 777-9s.
British Airways is expecting to take delivery of its 18 777Xs between 2024 and 2027
Lufthansa is expected to be the 777X launch operator in 2023 Lufthansa