Air International 2021-05
H.-P.Grolleau - Future French Falcons
A Falcon 50M silhouetted by the sunset
A Falcon 50M undergoes maintenance at its Lann-Bihoue home base, in Brittany
A Flottille 24F Falcon 50M over dense clouds
The massive SKADs used on the first four Falcon 50Ms will be replaced by more compact types on the Albatros
The screen of the Falcon 50M's Ocean Master 100 radar with a Chlio FLIR image in a window. The Albatros' Searchmaster will be considerably more capable
Marine Nationale Falcon 50s are flown by a crew of five: aircraft commander, co-pilot, flight engineer, radio operator and navigator/radar operator. This is the navigator/radar operator workstation.
An artist’s impression of the Albatros - when compared with the current Falcon 50M and Guardian, it will offer considerably expanded capabilities
The Euroflir 410 optronics turret under the rear fuselage and the Searchmaster radar under the front fuselage can clearly be seen on this artwork depicting the future Albatros
The future Albatros will be based on the highly successful Falcon 2000LXS business jet
The Guardian, a maritime surveillance derivative of the Falcon 20/200 family, has proved highly successful in French Navy service