Aeroplane Monthly 1980-04
D.Richardson - Highland Lizzie
Priming the fuel system on August 8, 1979. Note the foot-step panels in the wheel fairing.
These two photographs, taken at Auchterarder on December 14 last year, depict the Lysander's first flight after restoration, piloted by Duncan Simpson. The aircraft proved completely trouble free - a credit to the painstaking work of the Strathallan team.
The engine during rebuild.
Duncan Simpson looks down from the Lizzie's lofty cockpit - “like mounting scaffolding.”
Lysander G-BCWL/V9281 was owned by Philip Mann at Booker when this photograph was taken by Tom Hamill of Flight International last year.
The nude fuselage of the Lysander with undercarriage, tank and fixed tail surfaces in situ, as seen by visitors to Strathallan until late 1978.
The rebuild team; left to right, Jim Hutchison, Jim Smith, Dave Davidson, Derek Barnes (Dugald McKillop was on holiday).
Topping up the tank on August 9.
G-AZWT fully restored and ready to go.