Aeroplane Monthly 1980-04
S.Stenersen - The Unequal Contest
Two He111s that found Fornebu's runway a little short.
A tailless Heinkel 111 on its nose after landing at Fornebu.
The He111 shot down near Fornebu on April 9 by Lt Tradin in Gladiator 429.
Fornebu after capture, dotted with the invader's Ju 52s.
A Ju 52 wreck burns in the distance at Fornebu shortly after the Germans captured the base.
These two Ju 52s landed simultaneously at opposite ends of the runway and met in the middle.
Another Ju 52 - definitely written off.
Fornebu airport after the battle, with numerous wrecked German aircraft in evidence.
Sgt Schye's Gladiator after its forced landing, only 1 1/2 miles from the crash of the Bf110 he shot down.
Sgt Schye, shortly after discharge from hospital, visits the wreck of his Gladiator, seen again at right.
Norwegian Tiger Moth 165 shot up by a Bf110.