Aeroplane Monthly 1980-07
D.Brown - Southern Martlet /British pre-war ultralights/
The prototype Martlet taking off from Shoreham in August 1929, powered by the 85 h.p. ABC Hornet engine.
Martlet G-AAYZ, built for the Rt Hon F. E. Guest and originally powered by a 120 h.p. DH Gipsy II.
Southern Martlet G-ABBN, seen at Woodford, toured with National Aviation Day Displays Ltd for the 1932 season, giving aerobatic displays.
Martlet G-ABBN was built for the Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale, but was best known for its displays with the National Aviation Day air shows. The aircraft was scrapped in 1935.
The Martlet owned and flown by F. G. Miles' wife before their marriage. Note the untapered ailerons.
L. E. Bellairs' Martlet G-AAYX survives with the Shuttleworth Collection.
Another view of the prototype Martlet.
G-AAVD, the first production aircraft, powered by an 80 h.p. Genet II.
G-AAYZ during participation in the 1934 King's Cup.
The sole Metal Martlet bearing two different civil registrations, both incorrect. The wings were from Martlet prototype G-AAII, and the fuselage was marked G-AAJW. The correct lettering was G-ABJW!
Southern Martlet; Metal Martlet