Aeroplane Monthly 1980-11
R.Williams - Atalanta (2)
Imperial Airways' Atalanta G-ABTG Amalthea, seen at Croydon, with three engines running. Note the H.P.W10 G-EBMM in the hangar. Amalthea was later to crash at Kisumu, Kenya, in July 1938.
DG454 of the Indian Air Force
VT-AEG of Indian Transcontinental Airways
G-ABTM of Imperial Airways
The prototype A.W.15 Atalanta, G-ABPI, during an early test flight in September 1932.
Atalanta G-ABTK Athena, later burnt out in a hangar fire at Willingdon Airport, Delhi.
Atalanta G-ABTM, Aurora at the SBAC Display at Hendon on June 24, 1933, just prior to being delivered to Indian Trans-Continental Airways Ltd in August.
Atalanta VT-AEG was originally G-ABTM. After several years service with Indian Trans-Continental Airways Ltd it was impressed into service with the Indian Air Force at DG454.
Another view of the prototype Atalanta, originally G-ABPI, seen here as VT-AEF with ITCA.
Atalanta G-ABTH Andromeda, was put into service on the Cape Town-Kisumu route during early 1935 and was eventually withdrawn from flying in June 1939.
Atalanta G-ABTJ, Artemis, in one piece
Atalanta G-ABTI was surreptitiously named Atalanta when the prototype was damaged in a forced landing.
Atalanta G-ABTM in its final guise as DG454 with the Indian Air Force, still bearing its original name, Aurora, wrongly applied as DC454.
The prototype A.W.XV Atalanta, G-ABPI at Willingdon Airport, Delhi, in service with Indian Trans-Continental Airways Ltd as VT-AEF.
Atalanta G-ABTJ, Artemis after stalling on takeoff from Pietersburg Aerodrome on February 10, 1936. Amazingly, this heap of firewood flew again, was later impressed into Indian Air Force service and was finally scrapped in 1944.
Armstrong Whitworth AW 15 Atlanta AW786 Aurora
G-ABTM of Imperial Airways