Air International 2021-09
A.Mladenov - The mother of invention
A MI-8MSB prototype demonstrated climbing out to 14,800ft in just seven minutes while performing a test flight dedicated to completion of certification testing
The UkAA operates armed Mi-8MSB-V subversions, a total of about 18 examples, taken on strength between 2014 and 2020. This example, sporting a full set of armour protection and armed with four VSM-1 mine-laying dispensers, is assigned to the 18th BrAA at Poltava
The armed Mi-8MSB-V can be used for close air support, mainly with 80mm rockets fired from up to four 20-round packs, in addition to air assault operations and special forces support
An R-2V guided anti-tank missile just launched from the Mi-8MSB-V
The vast majority of the Mi-8MSB-Vs delivered by Motor Sich between 2014 and 2020 serve with all four Army Aviation Brigades of the Ukrainian Land Forces, mainly used for tactical transport
The Ukrainian-made PM-LKT Spektr payload provides targeting and missile guidance for the R-2V Barter ATGMs using the laser-beam riding guidance method
The main user of the upgraded Mi-8MSB-V is the UKAA, with the upgraded Hip assigned to each of the four brigades
It is expected that the Mi-8MSB-V deliveries to the UkAA will continue in the early to mid-2020s as there are no plans for the procurement of new battlefield transport helicopters in the near-term
This Mi-8MSB-V, fitted with AVSh-01V exhaust suppressor mixers, is operated by the 456th BrTa home-based at Vinnitsa-Gavrishevka
This is a NGU Mi-8MSB-V, seen with its outrigger pylons and cockpit armour protection removed, but still equipped with self-protection aids - an IR jammer and countermeasures dispensers
The Mi-8MSB-V offers crew protection from small arms delivered in the form of extensive cockpit external and internal armour plating
Currently, NGU’s aviation service - the Guards Aviation Brigade in Alexandria - operates a fleet of five Mi-8MSB-Vs plus two Mi-2MSBs
A NGU Mi-8MSB-V is seen here in a full combat outfit, but without forward firing weapons on the outrigger pylons
The Mi-8MSB cockpit, with the pilot’s instrument desk fitted with a good many old-fashioned steam-gauge instruments
The UkAF has a fleet of five Mi-8MSB-Vs, easily distinguishable from their UkAA and NGU brethren thanks to their new-style pixelated camouflage Ukrainian