Air International 2021-09
T.Batchelor - Winning times
Co-Winner UAVita’s Discovery drone was designed for multiple uses, including transportation of cargo
UAVita's fixed-wing Discovery is the work of a joint Ukrainian/Canadian team
Discovery is capable of flying distances of around 600km, weather conditions permitting
Described by UAVita as 'built for work', Discovery was developed for agricultural crop spraying
UAVita’s Discovery can be controlled by an onboard autopilot or manually by a remote operator
Taiwan-based co-winner ITRI’s large commercial drone runs off a ground generator and is continuously connected via a long powerline
ITRI’s MMSL-H-50/180 hexa-copter drone has 18 propellers, 12 on the outside and six in an inner ring
Robust control means ITRI’s MMSL-H-50/180 performs well in winds of up to 27kts
Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan’s industries from labour-intensive to innovation-driven