Aeroplane Monthly 1981-10
R.Riding - The Flying Pig
Vickers Vulcan Type 74, G-EBLB of Imperial Airways, crashed at Purley on take off 13th July 1928.
The picture was taken at Croydon in September 1922, where Vulcan G-EBEM is seen competing in the first King's Cup Air Race.
Although ordered by Instone for intended freight flying, this Vickers Vulcan was not purchased.
The prototype Vulcan G-EBBL was an eight-seater and seen crossing Plough Lane, Croydon, June 1922.
Vulcan G-EBLB in the original Imperial Airways dark blue and silver livery at Croydon.
Same aircraft, Lion engined, in the line's later all silver paint scheme.
The wreckage of the prototype Vulcan near Tonbridge on June 23, 1922, three weeks after entering service.
Vickers Vulcan Type 61, G-EBDH of Instone Airline Lts.