Aeroplane Monthly 1983-01
J.Silvester - Percival Aircraft 1933-1954 (1)
Another view of the prototype Gull, taken in 1932.
The most famous Gull Six of all was Jean Batten s G-ADPR, still extant nearly 50 years after it was built. During the war the Gull was impressed into RAF service as AX866 and was restored to Percival Aircraft in August 1946. The picture was taken immediately post war at RAF Kemble.
This early production Gull Four became a works communication aircraft for A. V. Roe and Co Ltd, based at Woodford, it was sold abroad in 1937.
The Javelin III powered Gull Four G-ACAL was initially owned by W Lindsay Everard but crashed in October 1933 after a life of only a year.
Percival Gull Six G-ADEU remained with Percival Aircraft until 1938 when it was sold in France as F-AQNA.
Percival "Gull" Hermes IV engine
This late production Vega Gull, G-AFIE, was initially sold to Smith's Aircraft Instruments Ltd and based at Hatfield. On October 10, 1940 it was destroyed during a German air raid on Hendon aerodrome.
Vega Gull G-AEYC survived until August 1960 when it was burnt at Gatwick.
First of the Series II version of the Vega Gull was G-AEAB, with moulded Perspex windscreen.
Vega Gull L7272 was supplied to the Air Attache in Buenos Aires and became G-AFWG in June 1939
The Saro-Percival Mailplane, G-ABLI, designed by Capt E. W. Percival, was built at Cowes in 1931. The design led to the Spartan Cruiser of which 16 were produced. The Mailplane was powered by three 120 h.p. D. H. Gipsy III engines and was a single seat aircraft with a large mail compartment taking up the bulk of the fuselage. Two passenger seats were later added for a flight to India made in June 1932.