Aeroplane Monthly 1983-01
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No 141 Sqn Bristol F.2B Fighters lined up at Castle Bromwich in 1919.
A 200 h.p. Sunbeam Arab powered Bristol F.2B Fighter at Castle Bromwich in 1919.
A line up of Rolls-Royce-engined Bristol F.2B Fighters at Castle Bromwich in 1919. The aircraft nearest to the camera has been named Daphne.
This Avro 504K is seen at Castle Bromwich in March 1919 after a pupil had attempted a cross-wind landing.
The D.H.10 Mk II F1872 seen at Andover in December 1918 - probably of either No 104 or 120 Sqn. Power was provided by two 400 h.p. Liberty engines.
"Only my straps prevented a quick splash down" - This B.E.2e, B73?, was a rebuild by No. 1 (Southern) Aircraft Repair Depot at South Farnborough.
This B.E.2e was blown over after a good landing at Hounslow in 1917. Note the underwing gravity tank, normally a feature of the B.E.2d.
This B.E.2e seen the morning after the night N. K. Johnson hit a house at Hounslow in 1917. The pilot, who later became Sir Nelson K. Johnson, KBE, Head of the Meteorological Office, thought that he had about 100ft to spare!