Air International 2022-06
T.Fish - Combat autonomy
The MQ-20 Avenger in flight, fitted with the Legion Pod that contains the passive optical infrared search and track (IRST21) system demonstrated for first time in July 2021. The IRST provided airborne target data to the Avenger’s flight system for air combat manoeuvres
According to Kratos, the UTAP-22 Mako drone has a rocket-assisted launch and precision parachute recovery system enabling it to operate in austere environments with no runway. It also has large, configurable auxiliary bays provide up to 8.5cu ft of payload volume
10 августа 2017г. американская компания Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc заявила о завершении серии летных испытаний беспилотной авиационной системы UTAP-22 Mako. Длина беспилотника составляет 6,13 м, размах крыла - 3,2 м. Он способен разгоняться до скорости 1120 км/ч, подниматься на высоту 15200 м, а его дальность полета составляет 2600 км. Аппарат предназначен для выполнения специальных тактических миссий и ориентирован на живучесть во враждебных условиях. Испытания подтвердили правильность концепции и техническую готовность изделия. В будущем такие БПЛА будут действовать как автономно, так и во взаимодействии с пилотируемыми самолетами. Стоимость одного аппарата - порядка 3-х млн. USD.
The UTAP-22 Mako is a 20.1ft target drone with a wingspan of 10.5ft developed by Kratos based on the company’s BQM-167A aerial drone. It was envisioned as a swarm UAS, but has been used as a substitute platform for testing the Skyborg ACS for the XQ-58A Valkyrie
The Airpower Teaming System (ATS) in Australia, recently renamed the MQ-28 Ghost Bat. At 38ft 5in in length, the platform has a range in excess of 3,700km. The first full-size mock-up was unveiled at the Avalon Air Show in 2019
The first test flight of the prototype MQ-28 Ghost Bat occurred at RAAF Base Woomera, Australia, on February 27,2021. A second set of tests was completed in November 2021, including the first flight of the second prototype aircraft
5 марта 2019г. на полигоне Юма (штат Аризона) состоялся первый полет беспилотного истребителя Valkyrie XQ-58A.
The XQ-58A Valkyrie demonstrator during its March 5, 2019, inaugural flight at the Yuma Proving Grounds. It is 30ft long, with a wingspan of 27ft and a maximum launch weight of 6,000lb. It has a speed of Mach 0.72 and an operational altitude of 50ft AGL to 45,000ft MSL and a range of 3,000nm
Researchers say the outcome of a safety investigation is awaited before the XQ-58A Valkyrie flies again.
Northrop Grumman was contracted in April 2021 as an engineering partner to support Phase 2 testing on the UK's Mosquito loyal wingman project led by Spirit AeroSystems alongside Intrepid Minds. The companies will be designing and manufacturing a prototype uncrewed fighter