Aeroplane Monthly 1984-05
J.Pelly-Fry - Wellesleys over the Sudan (3)
Дальний бомбардировщик "Уэллсли". На эти машины англичане возлагали большие надежды в начале восточно-африканской кампании.
This picture give some idea of the massive span of the Wellesley's wing.
A 47 Squadron Wellesley being serviced for its next sortie. Note the four-gallon Shell tins, that leaked so badly, and the bombs lying carelessly on the ground.
Flt Lt “Digger” Magill returns from a sortie against the Italian ground forces in the Gallabat-Metemina area. Sundry Army, RAF and Sudan Government officers get a first-hand account of the progress in the battle.
The pilot's view from a Wellesley. The ring and bead sight was harmonised, so it was said, with the single Vickers .303 machine gun in the starboard wing. Apart from unsuccessfully shooting 15ft crocodiles on the Blue Nile the gun served no useful purpose whatever.
Jock Shepperd's 223 Squadron Wellesley, AO-K, after collapsing onto the ground at the end of its sortie. Sundry holes result from the attentions of Pedro, “the Spanish Ace”, in his CR.42. Note the non-standard inter-cockpit glazed canopy and the loop aerial. The pictures were taken at the Summit Landing Ground in June 1940.
Vincent K4683 of 47 Squadron, as used by Major Orde Wingate to fly up into the Ethiopian mountains for a two-night stopover during his consultations with Brig Dan Sandford of 101 Mission.