Aeroplane Monthly 1985-05
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
G-EBLF City of Glasgow, best known of the Argosies.
The third Argosy, G-EBOZ, is seen at Croydon in the original dark blue livery.
G-EBLF lands at Croydon. It operated the first Silver Wing lunchtime service from London to Paris that May, and was finally withdrawn from service in September 1934.
The Mk II Argosy G-AACJ City of Manchester at Croydon. The aileron servo unit may be seen on the lower wing trailing edge.
Argosy G-EBOZ City of Wellington is seen in its original form at Croydon.
Renamed City of Arundel, and with Jaguar IVA engines and improved nacelles, G-EBOZ is seen at Khartoum on the inaugural Central Africa service.
G-EBLF banking over the river Thames at Waterloo, on what was possibly a "tea flight". These half-hour flights were operated from 1929 until 1932, and cost a pound or two per head - which would barely buy the toasted teacakes today.
The luxurious interior of a Silver Wing Argosy, complete with buffet and steward.
The end of G-EBLO, at Aswan on June 16, 1931.
The subject of KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting is Argosy G-EBLO, the first in service, depicted in Imperial Airways’ early livery.