Aviation Historian 41
L.Andersson - Fall of the Phoenix
For his flight from Shanghai to Macau during January-February 1931, G. Warren Brophy used Waco RNF c/n 3359, named Feng Wang.
Brophy beside the RNF with its Warner Scarab engine running. Note the name Feng Wang and Chinese characters on the cowling.
Brophy in his flying suit beside the RNF, which bears the name of the L.E. Gale Company on the fuselage aft of the cockpit, along with a set of Chinese characters, beneath which is the name Feng Wang and the corresponding Chinese characters. On the rudder the name Phoenix has been applied in English, along with Shanghai, the location of the Gale Company’s HQ.
Chinese engineers and military personnel pose for a photograph in front of the RNF, possibly while at Fuzhou, where Brophy landed on January 25, 1931. The following day poor weather forced him down 30 miles (50km) south-east of Fuzhou, the resulting rough landing damaging the propeller and causing further delays.
Another photograph of the RNF during its journey from Shanghai to Guangzhou (Canton), perhaps at Fuzhou, or looking at the pebbly surface, more likely on the beach to the south-west where Brophy made a forced landing on January 26. If any readers can translate the characters on the fuselage side, we’d love to know what they say!
Probably the first time many of the locals had seen an aircraft, Brophy’s Waco attracted a great deal of attention during its various stops on the way to Macau. Again taken on the pebbly terrain, this photo shows an elderly woman posing in front of the machine. Note the pristine Hamilton Standard metal propeller, presumably after its repair.