Aeroplane Monthly 1986-04
R.Riding - Westland Woodpigeon /British pre-war ultralights/ (59)
Westland Woodpigeon prototype in its original unmarked form, with shorter-span wings and fitted with a Bristol Cherub.
Woodpigeon G-EBJV fitted with a 60 h.p. Anzani radial engine. The aircraft was withdrawn from the British civil register in 1933.
Woodpigeon G-EBJV taking part in the 1926 Lympne Light Aeroplane Competitions in September 1926. Fitted with a Scorpion II engine, the aircraft was owned and entered by the Seven Aero Club, but retired from the competitions.
The Cherub-powered Woodpigeon photographed at Lympne in October 1924 where it took part in the Air Ministry ’s two-seater light-plane trials flown by A. J. Winstanley.
Woodpigeon G-EBIY seen at its final resting place, on a Ferrybridge scrap dump, in the late Forties, guarded by a lone hen. The 60 h.p. Anzani radial engine is still installed and even the tyres are inflated.
Westland Woodpigeon