Flight 1929-04
Flight Advertisements
LT. COL. G. L. P. Henderson of the Henderson Flying School reports an excellent performance by a Cirrus Mark II engine which has just completed 260 hours without top overhaul. The fuel used throughout was Pratts. This is a splendid tribute to the purity and reliability of this famous motor spirit.
Enormous interest was shown by the Australian public in the Far East Flight. The illustration shows some of the 8,000 visitors inspecting one of the Supermarine Metal Constructed "Southampton" Flying Boats at close quarters.
The first of eight service type "Southamptons" (Lorraine engines) to the order of the Argentine Naval Air Service.
Westland Wizard Rolls-Royce F. Engine
A convincing test of reliability has just been carried out by the De Havilland Company. Flying exclusively on Pratts, a standard Gipsy Moth machine has completed 25,344 miles at a speed of 88 m.p.h.