Aviation Historian 10
Another of Brian Robbins’s splendid colour photographs of Hunting-Clan aircraft, a number of which we used to illustrate Angela’s article in TAH6. This one depicts Vickers Viscount 833 G-APTC (c/n 425), seen at Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) in 1959.
Angela Waller is seen, smiling from the steps of British United Airways Vickers Viscount G-APTD at Entebbe in February 1961.
“Hot toddy, Sir?” - this TWA Lockheed Super Constellation advert evokes the convivial effect for which stewardess Angela Waller was aiming. Note how the artist has added cabin headroom for enhanced marketing value.
A glorious winter photograph of the Dornier Do 31 experimental VTOL jet transport - TAH subscriber Chris Farara visited Oberpfaffenhofen for its hover rig trials in 1964, where he learned more about the EWR VJ101C, for which the Do 31 was designed to provide tactical support
Hawker Tomtit G-AFTA (the full-size aircraft is seen here at Old Warden in 1960), and finished it in the very same paint used on all the Hawker “heritage" aeroplanes.
Following publication of our article on Hawker Hurricane PZ865’s post-war racing career in TAH5, Chris Farara and Dick Poole alerted us to the fact that the late David Lockspeiser had built a 1/72nd-scale model of Hawker Tomtit G-AFTA, and finished it in the very same paint used on all the Hawker “heritage" aeroplanes. TAH has borrowed the model from David’s family, to examine the colour - which is close to Methuen 20F8, and just a touch lighter than Humbrol 15 Gloss Midnight Blue.