Air Enthusiast 2006-05
S.Aloni - Best Form of Defence? Attack! /Post-war combat/ (1)
Squadron 117 Mirage gunsight images taken while strafing Egyptian Il-28 bombers parked on Abu Sueir's ‘eights'.
The first IDF/AF jet to bomb Abu Sueir was Mirage 30 flown by Squadron 117's commander Amichai 'Shumi' Shmueli. In this October 1969 photo, the jet is adorned with four 'kill' markings.
Though widely acknowledged as the first IDF/AF ‘ace’, Giora Rom was initially credited with four kills during the Six Day War. Rom flew Mirage 66 on his first mission, the scramble from Tel Nof to Abu Sueir as Eitan Karmi's wingman. In this March 1968 view 66 is in typical CAP configuration with two underwing 1,300 litre fuel tanks and two Rafael Shafrir AAMs on the outer wing stations.
Abu Sueir was Squadron 117’s primary MOKED first wave target with three attack formations totalling 12 Mirages, including Mirage 64 that served as background for the squadron's pilots in this post-Six Day War photo. On top of the fuselage from left to right: Yossi Henkin, Shlomo Navot (in cockpit), Amichai Rokeach, Amnon Gardi, Yuval Ne'eman, Amit Livni, Amos Cohen, Uri Dekel and Uri Liss. Sitting on the wing from left to right: Adi Benaya, Shraga Pessach, Shabtai Gilboa (Ramat David air base OC Flying) and the squadron's 10. Standing from left to right: Yiftach Zemmer, Ezra Dotan, David Porat, Amnon Halivni, Avraham Oren, Uri Gil. Yehezkel Somech (Ramat David air base CO), Meir Livneh, Dror Avneri, Amichai Shmueli, Uri Even-Nir, Amnon Arad, Yehuda Koren, Reuven Harel, Avi Lanir, Uri Ofer (navigator), Shlomo Nir, Naftali Porat and Ehud Henkin.
Mirage 02 and Mirage 60 were bonded by an odd connection. In this April 7,1967 image Mirage 02 on the right was placed for comparison beside 60 after it had been 'blackened' while flying through the fireball of a Syrian MiG-21. The two jets were flown by Ehud Henkin (60) and Yuval Ne'eman (02) on Squadron 117's closing moked first wave to attack Abu Sueir but both were soon to perish, Mirage 02 later the same day and Mirage 60 two days later.
Oded Flum flew Super Mystere 75 on Mission 105/2 to Abu Sueir, ‘10-RJ' was one of six SMB2s delivered to Israel in April 1966.
Squadron 116's reserve pilot Mario Shaked flew Mystere 41 in the lead of the only Mystere formation to attack Abu Sueir during the moked first wave. Call-signed 'Nixon', the formation lost 'Nixon 4' to a defending EAF MiG-21.
Squadron 105 Deputy B Arik Ezuz led the squadron's first air base attack mission to Abu Sueir flying Super Mystere 10. In this July 1968 photo the aircraft is leading a napalm drop demonstration.