DFW Mars biplane
Страна: Германия
Год: 1912

A DFW "Mars" biplane flying over San Stafano, probably in September 1912, when two of them were delivered. The German pilot Scherff flew this machine on several reconnaissance and bombing raids over the Chatalja lines near Constantinople. It was probably the first German aeroplane to be involved in a war.
The DFW "Mars" biplane was used as a trainer in Germany until 1915. With its large fuel tank it was capable of long-range flying.
This photograph of the DFW "Mars" shows well the enormous span (56ft) of this Teutonic biplane.
The DFW firm was not slow in exploiting its product, as can be seen here in this advertisement which appeared in the aeronautical Press in May 1913. Scherff is seen at right.
The DFW "Mars" was a sturdy machine with a 100 h.p. Mercedes engine. It was flown for the Turks by German pilots during the Balkan wars.