Air Enthusiast 1997-05
S.Day - Twice in the Front Line
Painting another sortie tally on the nose of Lancaster I NG287 ‘BQ-Q’ ‘Try This for Size’ of 550 Squadron at North Killingholme. Part of ‘B’ Flight and flown by Australian F/O Franklyn (hence the kangaroo), the Lancaster was lost over Germany on the night of March 15/16 1945. Note the Bl hangar in the background.
Lancaster I LL796 ‘BQ-O’ of 550 Squadron at North Killingholme.
Blackburn-built Sopwith Baby N2099 at Killingholme.
A Curtiss H.12 on the Killingholme slipway, 1918.
Running up Curtiss H.12B N4343 in front of the huge hangar at Killingholme. Note the under wing bomb. The Short seaplane in the background appears to have a logo or similar on the fuselage.
Bow view of a Killingholme Curtiss H.12B. In the cockpit is Carnegie, later Air Vice Marshal.
The camouflaged hangars at Killingholme. Note the Porte Baby fuselages to the right.
DFW Arrow No 154, one of two DFW types that served from Killingholme.