Air Enthusiast 1997-05
Pilot A V Solovyev seated on the leading edge of his R-1s lower wing.
Good detailing to the fore of a Polikarpov R-1 with Mongolian D Lamjaf posing (left) with Soviet adviser V A Sudets.
Potez 25 TOE - Theatre des Operations Exterieures - showing clearly the forward fuselage deepened by streamlined additional fuel tanks that marked this version.
A nicely-posed ‘preparing to start’ impression of the Potez 25 TOE.
Potez 25.41A2 with the insignia of the 6eme Escadrille of the Ecole de l’Air.
A Potez 25 TOE, lined up with others before taking off on Croisiere Noire, a formation tour of French Colonial Africa. It carries the Cocotte Blanche paper fold insignia of the flight’s leader, Colonel (later General) Vuillemin.
Avenger III JZ434 ‘S-387’ of 820 Squadron, in Australia 1945.
A retouched view of what the Mongolians called the ‘Gan-3’ which was a Putilov Stal-3.
An extract from Piper L-14 EC-AAP’s DGAC registration document, Malaga 1952. Restoration of this rare aircraft is nearly complete.
The stripped down frame of L-14 EC-AAP at Burgos in December 1996.
The fascinating one-off Fizir-Vega AF-Z amphibian was featured in issue No.62. Vladimir Isaic’s article mentioned that it spent time around 1931/32 with Osijek Flying Club, where it was partially rebuilt. Malcolm Passingham sent in this photo of the amphibian at the club. Malcolm notes that it is nicely painted, but probably not airworthy and that it would be good to know more about that stage of its brief career. The editor would like to hear more of the biplane in the background.