СибНИА, ФПИ Партизан
Страна: Россия
Год: 2022

The Russian FPI foundation is financing development of a hybrid-propulsion aircraft at the Siberian Aviation Research Institute (SibNIA) in Novosibirsk. The FPI - Fond Perspektivnykh Issledovaniy or Foundation for Advanced Research Projects - is a state fund tasked with promoting high-risk research and development projects in the interests of Russian defence and state security. The new aircraft has been named Partisan, because, as FPI deputy CEO Vitaly Davydov told the Russian press: "It performs tasks important for partisan units." It is intended to deliver a payload of 1,102lb (500kg) over a distance of 621 miles (1,000km), taking off within a distance of just 164ft (50m). Two turboprop engines will drive the Partisan in cruise flight. In addition, ten small propellers operated by electric motors and activated during take-off are mounted on the wing. As well as the extra thrust, the electric motors generate airflow over the wing to increase lifting force. The first flight of a full-size Partisan demonstrator is scheduled for 2022. It remains to be seen which 'partisans' Russia intends to equip with these aircraft.