American Sportscopter Ultrasport
Страна: США
Год: 1993

Single-seat ultralight/microlight helicopter
ASI Ultrasport 254 (1999)
ASI Ultrasport 331 single-seat ultralight helicopter and optional floor-mounted cyclic with doors removed (thereby resembling the 254) (1999)
First production two-seat Ultrasport 496 trainer (1999)
Whilst the Kaman K-MAX was the undoubted highlight at Helitech '95 at Redhill, another single-seat helicopter at the opposite end of the spectrum provided just as much interest. The diminutive Ultrasport 331 showed impressive agility whilst also proving remarkably stable when flying in strong, gusting winds, as seen here when the third prototype N2137G was displayed on September 20, 1995. Its two-seat derivative, Ultrasport 496 N496AS, was also on static display in the exhibition hall.