Baynes supersonic naval fighter
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1950

A rare pair of photographs first published in the September 1955 issue of Aeronautics, showing a windtunnel model of a Baynes variable-geometry supersonic design with its wings and V-tail in the fully forward position (left) and fully swept. Baynes was granted patents for his “swing-wing” concept in both the UK and USA.
An impression of Leslie Baynes’s design for a Tay-engined variable-geometry supersonic naval fighter by storyboard artist MARK HARRIS (© 2019), based on a newly discovered drawing recently acquired by FAST, with 3D modelling by NEIL FRASER.
Another speculative illustration by MARK HARRIS, depicting Baynes’s design for a twin-engined supersonic variable-geometry fighter about to alight on HMS Glory with wings and tail in the fully forward position.
Drawing No AX65, for a half-scale single-engined proof-of-concept aircraft.
Alan Muntz & Co Ltd Drawing No AX69, showing Baynes's design for a twin-engined swing-wing fighter.
A recent donation of material to the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, largely relating to Alan Muntz & Co Ltd, yielded this previously unpublished general arrangement drawing, AX81, of Baynes's concept for a twin-Tay-engined variable-geometry supersonic naval fighter, the head-on view of which looks very much like a V-tailed Supermarine Scimitar. After a long and remarcable, yet little-lauded, career in aeronautics, Baynes died aged 86 in March 1989.